Powered by Learning

Making Adaptive Learning 3.0 Work in Your Organization

August 20, 2021 d'Vinci Interactive Season 2 Episode 21
Powered by Learning
Making Adaptive Learning 3.0 Work in Your Organization
Show Notes

Adaptive Learning benefits both the learner and an organization’s bottom line. In this episode of Powered by Learning, Craig Joiner, Senior Vice President, Brand Experience at Fulcrum Labs dispels some myths about Adaptive Learning and explains how organizations can put it to work to achieve their goals.

Show Notes:

Craig Joiner breaks down the barriers to Adaptive Learning in this episode of Powered by Learning. His key points include:

  • Adaptive Learning is like a high-tech version of one-to-one coaching. It should challenge each learner just above their current knowledge level to boost confidence and push toward subject mastery. 
  • Remember that Adaptive Learning isn’t a magic bullet. It integrates a variety of training best practices including competency-based learning, microlearning, and personalized learning.
  • Adaptive Learning helps learners avoid taking training they don’t need. Instead, they invest their learning time in areas where they need more knowledge and skills.
  • If you’re new to Adaptive Learning, you may want to start with a pilot with a small defined number of learning objectives that need to be delivered to a relatively large number of learners. 

Read more about Adaptive Learning in this Training Industry article written by Fulcrum Labs Founder Patrick Weir.